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SC09: Wide Band RF Technologies and Antennas at microwave and mm Frequencies for Medical Applications

Albert Sabban

Albert Sabban
Ort Braude College, Israel
Dr. Albert Sabban joined in 1976 the armament development authority RAFAEL in Israel. In RAFAEL he worked as a senior researcher, group leader and project leader in the electromagnetic department till 2007. In 2007 he retired from RAFAEL. From 2008 to 2010 he worked as an RF Specialist and project leader in Hitech companies. From 2010 to date he is a senior lecturer and researcher in Ort Braude College in Israel in the electrical engineering department. He published books, chapters in books and over 60 research papers and holds a patent in the antenna area. He wrote two books on Microwave and Antenna engineering. He gave several Short courses in USA, Asia and Europe on Microwave and Antenna engineering.


Biomedical industry in microwave and mm wave frequencies is currently in continuous growth. Radio Frequency modules such as Front End, Filters, Power Amplifiers, Antennas, Passive components are important modules in medical communication links. The electrical performance of the modules determines if the system will meet the required specifications. Moreover, in several cases the modules performance limits the system performance. Minimization of the size and weight of the RF modules is achieved by employing MMIC and MIC technology. However, integration of MIC and MMIC components and modules raise several technical challenges. In mm wave frequencies the length and width of connecting bonds affects the electrical performance of RF module and systems. Design parameters that may be neglected at low frequencies can not be ignored in the design of wide band RF modules. Powerful RF design software, such as ADS and HFSS, are required to achieve accurate design of RF modules in mm wave frequencies. Accurate design of mm wave RF modules is crucial. It is an impossible mission to tune mm wave RF modules in the fabrication process. In this course highlight of the design and development of integrated low cost Wideband MM Wave RF modules and systems are given. Design and fabrication considerations will be presented.

Course outline

The course will cover the following topics, accompanied with comprehensive notes :
  • Up to date microwave and mm wave RF technologies and Modules design.
    • MMICS
    • MEMS
    • LTCC
    • Receivers
    • Transmitters
  • MM wave microstrip antennas
    • MM wave Arrays
    • MEMS Array
    • Wearable Antennas
  • Applications
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