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Convened Sessions

CS01: Advanced Manufacturing Techniques for antennas
Maarten Van Der Vorst
CS02: Advances in Commercial Electromagnetic Simulation Tools
Winfried Simon, Marc Rütschlin
CS03: AMTA/EurAPP Session, Advances in MIMO and Over-the-Air Performance Testing
Janet O'Neil, Yi Huang
CS04: Advances in Plasma-based Antennas and Devices
Davide Melazzi, V. Lancellotti , T. Anderson
CS05: Advances on Metasurfaces
George Eleftheriades, Stefano Maci
CS06: AMTA/EurAPP Post Processing Techniques in Antenna Measurements
Sergey Pivnenko, Manuel Sierra Castañer
CS07: Analogue frontends and control circuits for agile antenna arrays
Frank Ellinger, Mark Beach
CS08: Analysis of randomness due to user and environment on MIMO antenna systems
Alain Sibille, Per-Simon Kildal
CS09: Antenna for IoT applications
Fabien Ferrero, Nicolas Sornin
CS10: Antenna Systems for Radio Astronomy
Eloy De Lera Acedo, David B Davidson
CS11: Applications of graphene and low dimensional materials
Michele Tamagnone, Dimitrios Sounas
CS12: Bridging the simulations – measurements gap: state-of-the-art
Guy Vandenbosch, Francesca Mioc
CS13: Compressed Sensing Theory Adopted in RF Applications (CSinRF)
Giovanni Del Galdo, Joachim Ender
CS14: Conformal Antennas
Zvonimir Sipus, Vakur B. Erturk
CS15: COST Action TD1301, MiMed: Advances in Biomedical Electromagnetic Imaging and Therapeutics, Monitoring and Sensing Devices
Martin O’Halloran, Raquel Conceição
CS16: COST Action TD1301, MiMed: Recent Developments in Breast Microwave Imaging
Raquel Conceição, Daniel Flores-Tapia
CS17: Electromagnetic Scattering of Wind Turbines and Effects on Radar Systems
Frank Weinmann, Hao Ling
CS18: Innovative Array Architectures for Next Generation Radar and Communications Systems
Giacomo Oliveri, Ioan E. Lager
CS19: INTELECT: Integral Equations in Electromagnetics
Lale Alatan, Juan R. Mosig
CS20: AMTA/EurAPP Session, Measurement of Millimeter-Wave Antennas
Christian Waldschmidt, Ville Viikari
CS21: Measurements and Simulations in Channel Modelling in Wireless Body Area Networks
Luis M. Correia, Slawomir J. Ambroziak
CS22: Millimeter wave antenna systems for future broadband communication networks
Ronan Sauleau, Jiro Hirokawa
CS23: Millimeter-wave propagation measurements and models for 5G systems and applications
Franco Fuschini, Thomas Kuerner
CS24: IET Session, New antenna systems involving metamaterials and metasurfaces
Hisamatsu Nakano, Rob Lewis
CS25: Optical antennas: scaling electromagnetics to the nanoscale
Christophe Fumeaux, Olivier J. Martin
CS26: Polarimetric Radar Cross Section Analysis
Dirk Heberling
CS27: Propagation aspects in remote sensing
Merhala Thurai, Madhu Chandra
CS28: Propagation Channels for Wide-Sense Vehicle-to-X Communications
Zhangdui Zhong, Bo Ai
CS29: Propagation in Aeronautics
Uwe Carten Fiebig, Fernando Fontán
CS30: Pulsed-field radio: applications & implementation
Ioan E. Lager, Claudio Sacchi
CS31: Radio channel measurements, and modelling above 6 GHz for 5G radio networks
Sana Salous
CS32: Reconfigurable Antennas for Autonomous Devices
Leonardo Lizzi, Joseph Costantine
CS33: AMTA/EurAPP Session, Satellite and Aerospace Antenna Measurements
Luca Salghetti Drioli, Hans-Jürgen Steiner
CS34: Small and Wearable Antennas
Davor Bonefačić, Anja Skrivervik
CS35: Sparse arrays for short-range imaging
Alexander Yarovoy, Takuya Sakamoto
CS36: Teraherz Antennas
Nuria Llombart, Goutam Chattopadhyay
CS37: The Alphasat Aldo Paraboni scientific experiment: results on the Ka- and Q-band propagation campaigns
Lorenzo Luini, Giuseppe Codispoti
CS38: Theory and Application of Characteristic Modes
Dirk Manteuffel, Yikai Chen
CS40: COST Action IC1301, Wireless Power Transmission and RF Energy Harvesting Circuits and Applications
Apostolos Georgiadis, Nuno Carvalho
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